A resilient Human Network enabled by innovative technologies and guided by an integrative risk management framework is paramount to the economical success of any organisation
Sheraz Ali
I support business executives (CEO, CIO, CFO) with effectively reframing (complex) problems into great business opportunities while, providing action oriented recommendations based on sound business analysis.
Cyber Security

Good Cyber Defense does not cost money, it pays off!

Are you looking for a trusted advisor to help you significantly improve your Cyber Defense? I serve federal governments and large enterprises to build effective and efficient Cyber Defense programs. I help them with strengthening the Human and Digital Network of their organizations against evolving Cyber Threats.

Keywords: Cyber Security Strategy and Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, Cyber Data Science, IoT, Smart Data, Smart Cities, Cognitive Profiling, Social Engineering, Phishing, Security Education Training and Awareness.

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Strategic Planning

Ultimate Customer Experience, Agility, Speed and Security are the key success factors of every business in todays hyperconnected world.

I help with effectively reframing (complex) business problems into great business opportunities by integrating the power of IoT, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Machine learning to help you build ultimate Customer Experience with Agility, Speed and Security.

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Risk Management

In order to effectively and efficiently manage risk, a company should at least define strategic, operational, reporting and compliance objectives.

I help identify internal and external events that have the potential to effect the company’s operations by analyzing the workflows and processes and listing risks and causes, the extent of risk that is faced and the impact of identified risks on company’s operations.

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About Sheraz Ali
Sheraz Ali

I have almost two decades of experience in diverse management roles in the fields of Information & Technology Services, Business Consulting and Financial Services, I help enterprises to innovate and excel in highly competitive and rapidly changing business environments.